Our company keeps up with the changes in the new form of the logistics market and establishes a cross-border logistics department. As the company's emerging integrated sector, the department has added international express services, air freight warehousing services, Amazon FBA logistics, cross-border express parcel services, and cross-border logistics between China and Hong Kong on the basis of having traditional brand products. Through the combination of global agency network and diversified transportation capacity, we can provide customers with more comprehensive and better services.

1. LCL/China-Hong Kong cross-border logistics and warehousing:
As one of our core business, high-quality LCL service has always been in a leading position in the local market, which is reflected in three aspects: a transparent quotation system, standardized destination port charging standards, and a strong destination port agency network. Warehousing services include packing, unpacking, repacking, consolidation, sorting and packaging, labeling, and distribution logistics. In addition, our company also provides other value-added services, tailoring one-to-one supply chain logistics solutions to different customer needs.

2. International Express:
Our company has established close cooperative relations with international express companies such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS and so on. With first-class professional services and one-stop operation mode, we integrate express delivery resources to optimize transportation costs, maximize transportation efficiency, and make goods safer.

3. International air transport:
Our company has built an excellent team with excellent business in the field of air transportation, and formed an air transportation business operating system that radiates across the country in three collection and distribution centers in North China, South China and East China. Provide customers with comprehensive and efficient air import and export transportation, customs declaration and inspection, delivery, delivery, airport transit and traditional sea-air combined transportation services, referring to ports all over the world, and becoming a number of global logistics providers in mainland China The area's air import and export freight and customs clearance agent.

4. FBA/ AliExpress:
Our company relies on a complete agency system to provide customers with cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions. In the United States, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries, we carry out overseas warehousing, Amazon FBA, small package delivery, personalized product logistics solutions and other business content.

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